The goal with this tool is to enable OData service authors ensure that their service interoperates well with any OData client. Consumers of the OData protocol can also benefit from this tool by testing OData service implementations that they are building an experience for to pinpoint potential issues.

More detailed intro of OData Validation Tool please refer to the Github page.


Version Release Date Feature Set
V1.07 2015/8/31 V1.07 is current version.
  • Official support for listing all V4 service implemented/not-implemented/unknown features/functions.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.06 2015/6/8
  • New home page published with new design.
  • Help page added, which will bring user the tour of OData Validation tool.
  • Feedback page re-designed, providing an efficiency new way for online feedback.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.05 2015/4/3
  • Official support for Metadata Validation of V4.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.04 2014/12/8
  • Official support for Validation of ATOM V4.
  • Official support Rerun and Reload Feature.
  • Official support Conformance Level Validation choice box.
  • Performance improvement of Conformance Level Validation.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.03 2014/8/26
  • Official support for Conformance Level Validation with OData Vocabulary.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.02 2014/03/31
  • Official support for Conformance Level Validation.
  • Bug Fix.
V1.01 2014/03/25
  • Official support for validation of JSON V4.
V1.0 2014/03/21
  • Official support for validation of JSON/ATOM V3/V2/V1.

The tool can currently validate the following types of OData endpoints:

The following URI constructs are currently not supported:

  • Select, Expand and Format system query options in the endpoint URIs
  • Endpoint URIs pointing to payloads larger than 1 MB
  • Authenticated feeds

This version of the tool has been validated with the following browsers. Please report any issues on the OData mailing list.

  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Firefox 3.6 and 4.0
  • Chrome 9.0.597.84 and 10.0.648.204
  • Safari 5.0

What's Next

Here are the current planned releases, more features are also under planning and will be announced once they are ready:

Version Planned Feature Set
V1.08 Oct 2015
  • Bug Fix.

OData Validation Tool is updated with the source code on Github on each release date. Also, you  can follow the OData blog as updates (new rules, features, etc) to this service are announced there.

List of Rules

Target Version [MS-ODATA] Section V4 Specification V4 SpecSection Format RequirementLevel Description